Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore 

Top 10 CBSE Schools in Bangalore


You all must be knowing about various boards that provide education to everyone. CBSE is the best board that will do wonders to your child. There are plenty of CBSE schools in Bangalore. If you’re confused about which school would be the best for your child then you have landed at the right place. This article aims to provide you a list of CBSE schools that are situated in Bangalore. A list of top CBSE schools in Bangalore is given below :


Kendriya Vidyalaya

Kendriya Vidyalaya is a very popular CBSE school. It was established in the year 1963. It is an Autonomous body. It is situated in the centre of Bangalore. Kendriya Vidyalaya allows the children of the transferable centre government to receive a common program of education.

It also includes defence and para military personnel. Your child will fall in love with the campus once they enter the school premises. There is greenery everywhere. Kendriya Vidyalaya covers 6.303 hectares of land. Your child stays in touch with nature. The campus space is optimally utilised by the children. They get to play various games on the ground as the school highly encourages its students to play various games. Kendriya Vidyalaya believes in all round development.

They teach the students to think innovatively. This helps the child immensely even after passing out. If you stay at a very remote place, you don’t have to worry. The girls get the opportunity to avail the hostel facilities. Girls from standard 6 to 12 can stay in the hostel.

The fee structure  suits the quality of education that students get. To make your child’s future bright you should definitely consider Kendriya Vidyalaya. To get more details about the process of admission you can visit their official website. 


Delhi Public School

Delhi Public School is one of the most popular CBSE schools in Bangalore. It is popularly known as DPS. There are many branches of DPS in Bangalore.

They nurture your child perfectly. They focus on academics but also give various co curricular opportunities to students. They have a versatile curriculum. The teachers have a friendly approach towards the children. DPS highly motivates children to excel in sports. They also have a record of hundred percent passing. This becomes possible due to the excellent teaching approach of the teachers.

The faculty also plays a very important role in maintaining the friendly environment. DPS encourages students to discover and explore themselves instead of becoming book worms. The infrastructural facilities are class apart. . The library has everything your child would want. The auditorium is magnificent. Your child will get all the required facilities in DPS.

The classrooms are nicely furnished. The ventilation is fantastic. Students get to concentrate optimally on their studies. The fee structure is quite reasonable and would be worth spending the money. DPS guarantees a bright future for your child. You should visit their official website to get more details about the admission and application form. 


Oakridge International School

OAKRIDGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is one of the top 10 international schools in india. The building of the school will simply blow your mind .

The overall look of the school is super elegant. They have various outlets in Bangalore. The curriculum is very practical and gives necessary knowledge to all the children. Oakridge highly encourages extra curricular activities and sports. The faculty motivates each and every child to explore immensely. The teachers are very friendly. They build proper communication with the students.

Parents are updated about the progress of their child. You can easily communicate with the teachers for any problem. The classrooms are well maintained and ventilated. Oakridge has a well equipped infrastructure. The fee structure is slightly high but is justifiable. Alumni of Oakridge never face problems in taking admission in any college after 12th.The passing percentage is extremely high.

All the students score great marks. This happens because the mind of every child is nicely cultivated. Alumni of Oakridge International School have achieved great heights. If you’ve made your mind and you want to confirm your child’s admission in this school then you should definitely visit their official website. You can apply by filling the admission form. 


National Public School

National public school has 5 branches situated in different parts of Bangalore. It is Popularly known as NPS. It was established in the year 2003 by Dr. K. P. Gopal Krishnan. Since then NPS has constantly benefited a huge number of students with their top notch approach.

NPS serves the best to all the students. The school building of any branch will win your heart. The infrastructure is brilliant. The library of NPS is very up to date. Your child can get access to books of various genres. The teachers are very humble. They teach students in unique ways that promote better understanding of the topic.

The whole faculty is very helpful. Students are encouraged to participate in various extra curricular activities. This helps the students to discover their interest. Sports is given utmost importance. Students of NPS get an overall development of personality.

Teachers inform parents about how the student is working in the school. The strong communication helps parents to know a little more about their child. The fee structure is reasonable. You can fill an online form if you want your child’s admission in NPS. The application form is available on the official website of NPS. Choose the best for your child. 


Global  Indian International School (GIIS)

Global Indian International School is located in Whitefield, Bangalore. It was established in the year 2003.GIIS has set its standards high by providing premium quality education to all the children.

GIIS have won awards for the same. The curriculum of GIIS is very practical and helps students learn important factors of life. As a result of which students enjoy the process of learning and studying. The teachers put in immense effort to make studying a seamless and interesting experience for the students.

Students also get the opportunity to develop various skills and practise them. GIIS motivates students to play any sports and master the game. There are amazing coaches that help students to excel in any sports. GIIS is located in a beautiful area that is covered in the sheet of greenery.

The campus is filled with trees and plants of different species. You and your child will fall in love with the campus of GIIS. The faculty members are very understanding. Parents are kept updated about their child’s growth graph. This helps parents in understanding their children better. The classrooms are well furnished and have a nice air flow. The infrastructure is class apart. The fee structure is affordable for people wanting to admit their child in the best international school. 


Sri Aurobindo Memorial 

Sri Aurobindo Memorial is located in Banashankari 2 stage, Bangalore. It was established back in 1962. You can imagine the number of years that have passed. Sri Aurobindo  has always excelled in teaching. The students also excel greatly in their academics, extra curricular activities and sports.

They develop necessary values and manners. Students are taught important life lessons. The curriculum is designed to nourish children’s brains and make them opinionated individuals. The teachers and students share a great bond. Students highly get involved in various extracurricular activities and projects. This broadens their mind. Sri Aurobindo Memorial is very enthusiastic when it comes to sports.

Students get an all round development. The classrooms are very comfortable and well ventilated. The school building is set up on an open space. The environment just fits right for learning. The fee structure will fall light on your pocket. Teachers connect with parents and inform them about their child’s performance. The passing percentage of students from Sri Aurobindo Memorial is very high.

All the alumni have made it big in various fields. It is the right destination for your child. You can fill the application form for your child by visiting their official website. 


Army Public School

Army Public School is located in Kamaraj Road, FM Cariappa Colony, Sivanchetti Gardens, Bangalore. It is one of the oldest existing CBSE schools in the state. It was established in the year 1981. You will fall for its beautiful location. The building is surrounded with beautiful trees and bushes.

Children get the opportunity to stay in close contact with nature and learn a lot of things. Army Public School has been constantly evolving. The main motive of the school is to provide excellent quality of education to every child which they brilliantly fulfill.

Children get to learn different skills throughout their school life. Students are encouraged to participate in different activities that the school conducts apart from studying. Students also enthusiastically participate in inter school competitions.

The teachers have adapted various innovative ways of teaching which helps the students very much. Students get a better understanding of any topic. The faculty always impresses people. Students get various opportunities in sports. The fees of the Army Public School is minimal. You spend less but get double benefits.

If you want your children’s mind to be shaped correctly then you should definitely choose Army Public School for your child and their sparking future. 


National Academy of Learning

National Academy of Learning is located at 3rd Cross road, Basaveshwar Nagar, Bangalore. It was established in 1994. The school building looks fantastic. The building is situated in the middle of a beautiful campus.

Their approach is very unique and helps students to grow immensely as an individual. Students get equal attention from the teachers. This becomes possible as the average strength of students per class is 25. The low frequency of students in each class helps children concentrate more on the subject and have no source of distraction. Teachers focus on enlightening the minds of children.

Students learn the way of thinking to find solutions for difficult seeming problems. Teachers also communicate important information to the parents about their child whenever required. The bridge of communication is strong. All the faculty members are the backbone of the school.

They maintain a smooth flow of events. Students get the chance to explore their liking towards various activities as National Academy of Learning highly appreciates extraCurricular activities. The fee structure is not very excessive. You should visit their official website at the earliest to fill the online application form. Further process and details of admission, Secure your child’s best future 


Rashtriya Military School 

Rashtriya Military School is located near Museum road, Johansan market, Bangalore. The purpose of  Rashtriya Military School is to provide the best quality of education to the children of army officers.

To fulfill this purpose there are branches of Rashtriya Military School  in different cities. In order to confirm your child’s admission, your child should clear the common entrance test and must fall under the age mentioned in their guidelines.

There are various useful facilities for the children whose parents are going through any vital situation. The campus is particularly set close to nature which the students enjoy a lot. The teachers are very polite and understand the psychology of students. They try innovative ways to teach the students and create a healthy learning environment which optimally benefits the students.

The fee structure is very minimal. The faculty is very helpful. They answer all the questions of parents. The communication between parents and teachers is very smooth. The classrooms are highly ventilated which creates a good environment to study.

Rashtriya Military School has well equipped infrastructure. You can visit their official website to get more details of the date of the common entrance test. Alumni of Rashtriya Military School are doing extremely well in life. 

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