Best International Schools in Bangalore

Best International Schools in Bangalore 


Children get to discover their full potential in an International School. This is because International Schools deliver International education. Students receive education in an international environment. They get ready for the future challenges and trained to handle anything with smartness. International environment is created by adopting an international curriculum. There are many International schools in Bangalore but few of them stand out. In this article you will get to know more about the best International schools in Bangalore


Bangalore International School

Bangalore International School is located in Hennur Bagalur Road, Kothanur Post, Geddalahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka 560077.

It was established in 1969 by Eloise R Bennett. Bangalore International School is affiliated to Cambridge International Examination (CIE). It is also affiliated to International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO).

The school believes in training the students in every aspect possible. They don’t put a boundary of excelling only in academics. The staff members develop the character and personality of the students. There are counsellors who take care of the mental health of children. Teachers make a friendly bond with all the students. The classrooms are well furnished and have good ventilation.

Bangalore International School has world class infrastructure. The computer labs are maintained carefully. The library is filled with books of all subjects and genres. Students often visit the library to research various topics.

Students enjoy meals and light beverages in the Cafeteria. The school has a dispensary which is well equipped and stocked to handle injuries and illness of small intensities. A nurse and a doctor are available at all times.

There is a home economics lab in the school. The sciences labs are well furnished and upgraded. The play area of Bangalore International School is quite big. Students actively participate in various forms of sports. Students also show interest in Fine arts. Teachers support students to participate in various performing arts events. Your child will face no difficulty in the school. The fee structure is reasonable. 


Mallaya Aditi International School

Mallaya Aditi International School is located behind NIPCCD building, RWF west colony, Yelanhanka New Town, Bangalore, Karnataka 560106. It was established in 1984. It is a private co-ed day school. Mallaya Aditi International School has maintained its position in India’s top 5 private international schools. The school believes in diversity. It is visible in the aspirations of students.

All the fields are given equal importance and taught to children with great approach. Students of the school have immensely excelled in fine arts, performing arts, sports, economics, medicine, sociology, business, mathematics, science. This becomes possible due to the application based teaching that the teachers give.

Each student is given utmost attention. Any minute doubt is solved by the teachers at that moment itself. The school campus is designed pretty well. It covers an area of 5 acres. It looks beautiful. Students love to play and practise sports in the playground.

The building is the proof of architectural brilliance. The infrastructure fulfils all the requirements of the child. The passing percentage is quite high. Students score excellent marks as they get a deep understanding of any topic. You can visit their website to get details of the admission form and dates. The fee structure is affordable.


Oakridge International School

Oakridge International School is located near vathur road, Circle, Dommasandra, Bangalore, Karnataka 562125. It was established in 2001 by Shomie Das. It has been ranked among top 5 International schools in Bangalore.

The campus and building of the school catches everyone’s eye. Great architectural intelligence is clearly visible. Oakridge is very popular among parents. It is the first option of parents who want the best quality of education for their children.

Students get to compete with students from all over the world as there are 66 outlets of Oakridge International School in 23 countries. Students get to explore and discover their potential to an amazing extent.

Oakridge International School is a part of Nord Anglia Education. It is an organization of world’s leading premium schools. The partnership brings great opportunities for the students who study in Oakridge International School.

The average strength of class is 20. This creates less distraction for students and teachers. Teachers focus on each and every student equally. Students can learn four languages which includes 2 foreign and 2 regional languages.

Sports and extracurricular activities are highly valued. Students participate in various events and learn new skills. The alumni of Oakridge International are well placed. The passing percentage is very high. The fee structure does justice to the quality of education that the students get. 


Oasis International School

Oasis International School is located at Kadusonapannahalli, Bidarahalli, Off Hennur Road, Post, Kannuru, Bangalore, Karnataka 562149. It was established in October 1999. It is a not for profit institution run by the ISRA trust. It is a Co-Ed day School. The school follows the Cambridge International Curriculum which is globally acclaimed. The campus is of 3 acres. It has been designed and maintained nicely.

The infrastructure is excellent and has got it all. The classrooms are big, spacious, well furnished and have good ventilation. The computer labs are maintained properly. Students absolutely love this place.

The science labs are up to date and have good seating arrangements. There is a junior library and a senior library in the school. Students are counselled in the counselling room as maintaining the emotional well being of a child is of maximum importance.

There are catching conference rooms. The Canteen is the favourite spot of the students. There is a Basketball court and a sports field. Students practise and receive their training in the fields. There are infirmaries.

Oasis International School believes in giving freedom of creativity to students. Teachers wholeheartedly nurture and mould the character and minds of students. Students participate in plenty of events and explore all the opportunities they are given. 


Inventure Academy

Inventure Academy is located in Whitefield Sarjapur Road, Chikkavaderapura, Near Dommasandra Circle, Bangalore, Karnataka 562125. It was founded in the year 2005. It is a private co-ed day school. The school is affiliated to the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) – IGCSE, A/AS levels. The campus covers an area of 20 acres. It is well designed and maintained properly.

The infrastructure is brilliant. The classrooms have good ventilation and space seats. There is a design and tech studio where students learn and explore more about the topics. This is for students who’ve passed their 10th standard. science labs are filled with upgraded instruments and chemicals. They are well ventilated.

There is a health clinic which is highly equipped. It is made to prevent any unpredictable situations, accidents, illnesses of less intensity. There is a music room which contains all sorts of musical instruments. Students learn to sing and play various instruments in the course of time .

The playground is quite big and is the favourite spot of the students. Coaches train the students for different forms of sports. Teachers build a friendly relationship with the students. All their doubts are solved instantly.

Teachers teach students problem solving skills. Parents get regular updates of their child’s performance. You should visit their official website to get detailed information about the admission process. The fee structure is reasonable. 


 Canadian International School

Canadian International School is located at manchenahalli, Yelahanka, Bangalore 560064. It was established in 1996. The school is certified by the Council Of International Schools and Nee England Association of Schools and colleges.

It is a private international Co-Ed day school. The school also offers boarding facilities. It offers quality education to students from kindergarten to grade 12. It is the first school in India which operates via solar power.

They have integrated technology in education deeply. Students from different nationalities study at the Canadian International School. The teachers are highly experienced and have received training from foreign countries.

They create a healthy relationship with the students and develop a fulfilling environment for studying. The teachers help the students in understanding a topic in a better way. They train the students’ minds. They help the students in developing reasoning and researching skills.

Apart from academics teachers also motivate the students to shine in. Various extracurricular activities. There are coaches who train and help them excel in sports. Students practise and play different games in the playground.

Huge importance is given to performing arts activities. Students perform with great enthusiasm. Students get to experience infrastructural excellence. The environment helps students to concentrate nicely. Information regarding admission is mentioned on their official website. Canadian International School assures a bright future of your child. 


Jain International Residential School

Jain International Residential School is located at Jain global campus, Jakkasandra Post, Kanakapura, Bangalore, Karnataka 562112. It was established in 1999 by Dr Chenraj Roychand. The school is affiliated with Cambridge University’s International General Certificate of Secondary Examinations (IGCSE, UK).

It is a Co-Ed day school with weekly boarding facilities. It has been ranked number one among the top boarding schools in India and in Bangalore.

The campus is known as Jian Global Campus. The size of the campus is 350 Acres. It is beautifully designed. You are free to take a campus tour and get amazed with it. The school building is intelligently built. Teachers teach in innovative ways to deliver a better understanding of any topic to the students. The minds of the students are cultivated.

The students get ready to face the competitive world outside school. Teachers focus on character and personality development as they believe these aspects are the main essence of a strong individual. Counsellors take care of the mental health of students.

Teachers motivate the students to develop various skills and actively participate in all the extra cultural activities. The hostel rooms are neatly maintained. Immense care is taken of the students. A homely environment is created where students feel comfortable.

Parents are informed about their child’s performance. To. Secure admission in Jain International Residential School one must clear the Jain Excellence Test. The admission is secured purely on the basic merit. 


Candor International School

Candor International School is located at Koppa Harapanhalli Road, Hullahalli,Off, Bannerghatta Main Road, Near electronic city, Bangalore, Karnataka 560105. It was recently established in the year 2010 by Dr Suresh Reddy.

The school is affiliated with Cambridge International Examination (CIE), UK and offers its International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exam in classes IX and X. It is a co-ed day school.

It has been ranked number one for academic reputation in India by Education Today. There are students from 19 nationalities. Your child gets exposed to diversity and learns immensely. The school campus covers an area of 30 acres.

You will fall in love with the campus. It looks beautiful and is maintained correctly. The building of the school proves its architectural incredibility. The school offers residential facilities to students from grade 5 to grade 12. You can either avail weekly boarding or regular boarding for your child.

The In house kitchen serves international cuisine to students. Students stay in a very homely environment and feel comfortable. The teachers nurture the brain of the students and develop their character. They follow an application based approach while teaching the students. Parents are informed about their child’s progress.

Students get various opportunities to explore and learn new skills. Students of Candor International School are known for their excellence in sports. The fee structure justifies the quality of education that the students get. 


Ebenezer International School

Ebenezer International School is located in Singena Agrahara Road, A. P. M. C Yard, Bangalore – 560099. It was established in the year 2006 by Dr Abraham Ebenezer. The school got affiliated with CICSE (Council for School Certificate Examinations) and CIE (Cambridge International Examinations). Ebenezer International School is a co-ed day school. It is also a residential school. The school has received many awards for its excellence.

Children at Ebenezer get to enhance their personalities and also focus on academics. Teachers recognize the unique talents of each student and encourage them to carry it further. Therefore students learn and develop various skills. If you stay in a nuclear family and both the parents are working then you can avail the boarding school facilities that Ebenezer provides.

Your child can visit home on the weekends to spend quality time and stay at the boarding school for the rest of the week. Children are made occupied with various activities that help in learning and  consume enough time.

Proper health care support is available at all times. Students get counselled by professional counsellors which keeps their mental health fine. Teachers interact with the student and solve all their doubts. Parents are informed about the performance of their child. Students are encouraged to participate in various sports.

The coaches train the students to bring the best out of them. Students participate in various events of performing arts with high enthusiasm. The fee structure is very affordable. You also get concessions if you fall in any of the decided criteria.

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